Sugru + Lego + Car Mount = Awesomeness

I bought a mobile phone mount for my car several months ago, and it was one of those with the sticky blue dot on.  It was fine, worked great, and simple to use.  For a while.  Then one day my phone flew off whilst going around a sharp corner.  And again a few weeks later.  Then again, and again.  Despite cleaning, the sticky blue dot was loosing it’s sticky.  So I turned to a couple of old faithfuls for help; Sugru and Lego!


The first thing to do was decide upon a ‘design’ for the Lego.  It needed to be a large enough contact area to hold securely – even if I aligned the two halves a bit to the left or too high.  It needed to fit on the car mount I already had.  It needed to be made from the selection of Lego I had to hand.  I also wanted a shape\position on the phone where I could instantly identify which way around the phone was without even looking at it.  Oh, and it had to look cool too!


The triangle shape seemed to fit the bill quite nicely, and a dry mock-up showed it fitted the phone and mount quite nicely too.


Because each half was made from more than a single piece, I had to ensure they were totally aligned, so used a few more bits as ‘support structures’ which were left on while the Sugru dried.


I cleaned the phone and mount with some glasses cleaner first to make sure the Sugru had a good clean surface to bond to.


I actually used a complete 5g pack per half, and, if I’m honest, I think I may have skimped slightly.  (2 weeks later it is still holding up fine, but if either side does start to detach itself, I’ll use extra Sugru next time)


As you can see, there was a little bit squished out the edges, but but not too much


The difficult bit was leaving the phone for 24 hours whilst the Sugru set


The car mount is now in the car…


And holds the phone very well indeed!


it often takes a little ‘wiggle’ to get the two halves of Lego to line up, and some times I might be a row off to the left, but that isn’t a problem.  It unclips with a satisfying click too!


Next step will be to sort out a few more Lego landing pads around the house for my phone