• Ride The Lobster Qualifying Ride 144 Unicycle Miles

    This is not a new document, but is one I wrote in 2007 after qualifying for a 800km unicycle race in Nova Scotia.  After a hard drive crash in 2009 I thought this had been lost forever.  I have recently managed to recover a load of files from this drive, including my write up as a Word […]

  • A World First – Rubiks Cube Meets Inverticycle

    Rubiks Cubes have been around since the early 80’s, and Unicycles have been around since, well, the invention of the wheel as far as I can tell.  And in that time every possible new idea around either one has been done.  Until now that is! Although there are a lot of people that can ride […]

  • Monsal Trail Unicycle Ride

    Last weekend 8 of us (John, Gary, Kate, James, Andy, Another Gary, Mark and myself) set off from Hassop Station and headed north on the newly opened Monsal Trail.  This is a 7½ mile cycle and walking path in the Peak District that used to form part of the Midland Railway route from the Midlands to Manchester. […]