• Linux support, upgrades and headaches

    Some of you may remember that last year , after a regretful decision to ‘upgrade’ from Windows 7 to Windows 8 I decided to jump ship and switch over to Linux.  Ubuntu 13.04 to be precise.  I blogged about the install process here, and my first thoughts after a week here, with the intention of […]

  • Living With Linux – The First Week

    So, the goal of switching from Windows 8 to Linux was to get myself a usable computer.  One where I can just log on and do whatever it is that I was going to do, without having to fight the OS just to do something simple.  One which is intuitive to use.  One where I don’t have […]

  • Living With Linux – Making the switch

    Just over a week ago, I took the plunge, and installed Ubuntu Linux on my main home computer.  It’s not the kind of decision I take lightly, and I’ve probably been building up to this for some 10 years or so.  But a few recent events have told me that the time is now right for me […]