The Minutes Ringtone MP3

Like so many of you out there, I love listening to The Minutes podcast. Even the starting jingle gives me a smile because I know there is an hour of happiness about to arrive in my ears.

I’m sure you can imagine how delighted I was delighted to hear that the theme tune had been turned in to a ringtone. Yay \o/ However, the official download from here is in a .M4R format, which is fine for all the iPhone junkies out there, but not any good to most of the other 74% of mobile phone users.

So, if you like your ringtones in a good old MP3 format, I’ve converted it for you and you can download it here;
Minutes Theme MP3 Ringtone
On Android, long-click then save link, then play it in the standard music player app, menu > set as ringtone

Don’t forget, you can still listen to the latest The Minutes from here