I’m back – And certified virus free… again!

Well it only seems like 6 weeks ago that I was posting about how this site was all nice and virus free.  Well, less than 2 weeks later, my hosting company, Dreamhosts announced that loads of their sites were infected.  Yup, that included mine!  Well, I’ve finally found the time to switch hosting company and hopefully I’ll stay clean this time.

I had planned to move to LCN as they have some pretty good packages at decent prices and they come highly recommended.  Sadly, though, they need the domain transferred to them so they can managed that in order to provide hosting.  Even after a discussion with a very nice guy in pre-sales they still have needed my domain transferring.

I then looked at www.tsohost.co.uk.  They were rated highly for security and WordPress hosting and within an hour my old site was up and running on their new servers!

The setup and transfer process was very straightforward, although I’ve had to reinstall all the WP plugins I liked on the old site.  I have lost a few embedded photos too, so you’ll have to bare with me with some of the posts here until I get a chance to find the original pics.

Fingers crossed I won’t be needing to do another ‘virus free again’ for a long long time now!