• £1 Logic Probe

    A decent multimeter is great, but there’s times when you just want to have a quick check to see what signals are high, low or neither. A logic probe is ideal for this, but the cheap ones are about £15+, so I decided to build my own. For less than a quid!

  • 30 Second Nanode Build

    A couple of months ago I bought a Nanode, which required self assembly. Whilst I was building it, I thought it would have been nice to get a photo of each stage of the build. Well, when I bought my second Nanode, I decided not only to photograph it, but to make a little animated […]

  • First 77 Days of Arduino Enlightenment In Photos

    Less than 3 months ago I didn’t even know what an Arduino was. A couple of times I had stumbled upon them with various web searches, but quickly dismissed them as well beyond me even if interesting. Then a few coincidences consipred to make me sit up and take note. The first being the Nottinghack […]

  • Monsal Trail Unicycle Ride

    Last weekend 8 of us (John, Gary, Kate, James, Andy, Another Gary, Mark and myself) set off from Hassop Station and headed north on the newly opened Monsal Trail.  This is a 7½ mile cycle and walking path in the Peak District that used to form part of the Midland Railway route from the Midlands to Manchester. […]

  • The Blog That Cannot Fail

    There are so many blogs around that start off with an enthusiastic first post telling the reader how they will regularly write articles about this, that or the other, and are followed up by an article or two.  And then nothing for months.  Then either more nothing or a ‘sorry I’ve been lazy’ post  and then nothing. […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!